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  • Gigi Chan, Threadneedle China Opportunities Fund Manager, gives her latest views on China

    29 Apr 2010

    Chinese markets have dogged by concerns over the duration and the extent of
    macroeconomic tightening policies, but the underlying fundamentals of the Chinese economy continue to be robust...

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  • Mark Westwood, comments on the market impact of the volcanic ash cloud

    21 Apr 2010

    "Over the last week the airline stocks have fallen around 7% since the volcano erupted. We have used this weakness to increase our exposure to airlines as we feel the effects are likely to be very short-lived..."

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  • Threadneedle launches new emerging market corporate bonds strategy

    13 Apr 2010

    Threadneedle launches new emerging market corporate bonds strategy
    Threadneedle, who has a total AUM of £8bn* in emerging markets, has launched a new investment strategy via the Threadneedle (Lux) Emerging Market Corporate Bonds Fund**. The fund aims to achieve a total return from income and capital appreciation from/by investing principally in debt issued by emerging market companies as well as companies that conduct a significant part of their business in emerging markets.

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    *As at 31 December 2009
    **Previously called the Threadneedle (Lux) Emerging Markets Low Duration Fund.


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