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  • Michael Langlois to join Threadneedle as Head of Wholesale Distribution in Asia

    15 Dec 2010

    Threadneedle has appointed Michael Langlois to the role of Head of Wholesale Distribution, Asia, effective January 2011. Mr Langlois's appointment follows that of Raymundo Yu, Asia Pacific Chairman. He will work closely with Mr Yu as Ameriprise and Threadneedle expand their presence in the region.

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  • Threadneedle adds to UK equities range with launch of UK Extended Alpha Fund

    02 Dec 2010

    Threadneedle has this week launched the Threadneedle UK Extended Alpha Fund, managed by Chris Kinder and Simon Haines. The fund adds to Threadneedle's strong range of UK equity products and uses UCITS III sophisticated tools to help the fund in its aim to outperform the FTSE All Share Index.

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