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  • Two year anniversary sees Threadneedle European Select Fund's performance flourish under new management

    26 Jul 2010

    July marks the two year anniversary of David Dudding assuming management of the
    Threadneedle European Select Fund. Despite recent market uncertainty and a lacklustre economic environment, using a flexible and conviction led approach, David has successfully ensured the fund has delivered returns well in excess of the benchmark.

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  • International recognition for Threadneedle as FERI rates British Funds for first time

    20 Jul 2010

    Leading UK asset manager Threadneedle has scored top position among its UK peers with the highest quota of top-rated funds in the 2010 Feri EuroRating Awards. Based on performance to 30 June 2010, this year's awards from German-based Feri include British funds for the first time.

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  • Threadneedle appoints new Head of Fixed Income

    15 Jul 2010

    Threadneedle today announces the appointment of Jim Cielinski as
    Head of its Fixed Income desk. Following the news earlier this week that Legal & General Asset Management's Mark Burgess is to join Threadneedle as Chief Investment Officer, this appointment completes the senior team hiring.

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  • Threadneedle appoints new Chief Investment Officer - Sarah Arkle to be Vice Chairman

    12 Jul 2011

    Threadneedle is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Burgess as its new Chief Investment Officer. He joins Threadneedle in the first quarter of 2011 and will work closely with Sarah Arkle, Threadneedle's current CIO, as she hands over her role and responsibilities to him. Sarah is retiring in 2011 after an illustrious City career spanning over 30 years and will become Threadneedle's Vice Chairman.

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